URN112 French Urn

French Urn (URN112) – A timeless piece of elegance crafted from Marine Grade Fibreglass, measuring 1250 x 670. Elevate your decor indoors or outdoors with this classic urn.

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French Urn (URN112) – Timeless Marine Grade Fibreglass Elegance

The French Urn (URN112) is a symbol of timeless elegance. Crafted with precision from Marine Grade Fibreglass, this urn stands at a majestic 1250 x 670, making it a statement piece that can grace both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its exceptional durability ensures that it weathers the elements with grace, maintaining its classic charm. Whether placed in a garden or as a focal point indoors, the French Urn adds an air of sophistication to any setting. Embrace the allure of classic design with this exquisite piece.

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