Bell Planter

Introducing the Bell Planter, a fusion of premium lightweight Terrazzo and Polystone resin. Elegantly squat, with up to 3x wall thickness for strength. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

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Bell Planter – Premium Terrazzo & Polystone Elegance

Grace meets durability in our Bell Planter, part of the Premium Designer Range. Made from top-notch fibreglass Terrazzo, it boasts unparalleled beauty fit for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Unique in design, the round squat size is not only stylish but also robust – with up to three times the wall thickness of standard planters, further reinforced for unmatched strength. Polystone resin, known for its lightweight yet durable nature, ensures water resistance and a stone-like finish. Available in two sizes, these planters promise both aesthetics and longevity.

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