Polystone Resin Cubes On Feet Planter

Unearth the sophistication of the Cubes On Feet Planter from our Polystone Resin collection. Fully reinforced with a distinctive five-leg design, these cubes ensure efficient drainage with space for an underneath dish.

  • CG5001F/60…….60x60x68……….$275.00
  • CG5001F/70…….70x70x70………..$515.00
  • CG5001F/90…….90x90x90……….$1190.00
  • CG5001F/110…..110x110x110……..$1775. 00

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Cubes On Feet Planter: Reinforced Polystone Resin Masterpieces

Elevate your space with the Cubes On Feet Planter, a standout from our Polystone Resin category. Crafted with care, each cube is fully reinforced for durability, ensuring they stand the test of time.

A distinguishing feature is the five legs per cube, including a central leg, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but ensures stability.

The ample clearance beneath each cube allows room for a dish to collect drainage water, marrying practicality with elegance. With sizes ranging from 60x60x68 cm to a majestic 110x110x110 cm, there’s a fit for every vision.

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