Tall Square Planter

Explore the Tall Square Planter from our Polystone Resin Pots & Planters collection. These elegant planters, available in multiple sizes, seamlessly blend durability with contemporary design, making them a sought-after choice for various settings.

  • CG5005/60………60 x 40
  • CG5002/45……….45 x 32
  • CG5019/80……….80 x 40
  • CG5019/60………..60 x 30
  • CG5020/100
  • CG5020/78

More about Tall Square Planter

Tall Square Planter: Polystone Resin Elegance in 6 Sizes

Dive into the beauty of the Tall Square Planter from our curated Polystone Resin Pots & Planters range. Each planter showcases a combination of modern aesthetics and the robustness of Polystone Resin. With dimensions ranging from a compact 45 x 32 cm to a more spacious 80 x 40 cm, there’s an option to fit every space.

These planters are a testament to both form and function, ensuring your plants have a durable home that also complements the surrounding décor, adding a touch of sophistication wherever placed.

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