Tall Round Urns Convertible

Elevate your ambiance with our Tall Round Urns. Versatile and captivating, these urns can be seamlessly converted into water features, customised in-store for your choice of self-contained or basin-fed design. We provide the pumps, basins, and lighting for your water feature dreams.


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Tall Round Urns: Convertible Water Features with Ease

Our Tall Round Urns redefine versatility and elegance. These remarkable urns aren’t just beautiful decor pieces; they are your canvas for crafting the perfect water feature. At our store, we offer the unique service of converting these urns into mesmerising water features.

You have the choice of a self-contained design or a basin-fed setup where the water gracefully flows into the basin and is recirculated, creating an enchanting, soothing effect.

As your one-stop solution for water features, we provide not only the expertise but also all the essential components. From efficient pumps to perfectly suited basins and even mesmerising lighting options, we’ve got every detail covered to bring your water feature visions to life. With our “Tall Round Urns,” the possibilities are endless, and the tranquility they offer is timeless.

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